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Happy Name Day to:

Welcome to the official site of the US and Canadian Name Day celebration.

What is Name Day?

It is an old European tradition. Every day of the year is someone's Name Day. People all across Europe have been celebrating their first names for centuries in the same way you celebrate your birthday.

2012 Calendar with Names
Why should you celebrate?

Just ask yourself this simple question: How many people know your first name?

Can you imagine this group of people coming over once a year to shower you with gifts and throw you the best party you have ever encountered?
All in celebration of your Name Day.
In effect, it is like having a second birthday. And yes, nobody will ask you about your age!

Where is Name Day celebrated?

Europeans not only have birthdays, but Name Day as well. Birthdays are usually celebrated just in immediate family. Name Days, however are widely known and celebrated.
Each first name is assigned to one day of the calendar, based on religious traditions, historical events, birthday of a famous person who had the same first name, or on other facts.
For example, the church feast of Saint Michael is held on September 29th, and as a result the Name Day for Michael is on September 29th. In some countries (Greece) Name day is more important than birthday. Gifts include flowers, chocolate, bottle of good wine etc.

Let us tell you how we designed the Calendar with Names™

It wasn't easy finding a place for every one of the names. After selecting over 2,000 of the most popular first names in the United States and Canada, we spent eight solid months researching North American history so that we could place this new set of names on the proper dates.

For instance, we chose Name Day for George on February 22. This is the day when George Washington, the first president of the Unites States, was born.

As you can see, Europeans are proud when it comes to celebrating their names. It was important to us to make Name Day celebration for you, in a truly American way.

My friend has a Name Day. What should I do?

You wish a person Happy Name Day, and buy a present like flowers or a box of chocolates. Remember to send a Greeting Card or send a salutation from this page.

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Please let us know what do you think about Name Day celebration E-mail us.

We will have many special contests through out the year. If you would like to know about them, just subscribe to our announcement list on this page.

Happy Name Day to all of you!

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